Lori Ussery Elected SRMC’s 40th President


Headshot image of Lori Ussery, SRMC president.

OCTOBER 29, 2023 – As the Society of Risk Management Consultants (SRMC or Society) begins its 40th year since its formation in 1994, during the Society’s annual meeting held on October 27, 2023, in Las Vegas, NV, Mrs. Lori Ussery, was elected the 40th President of the Society.

Mrs. Ussery is an Actuarial Consultant with SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, headquartered in Brentwood, TN. Lori has over 20 years of experience in the actuarial profession and has been a consultant with SIGMA since 2006. She prepares actuarial reserve analyses and loss projections for clients across a wide range of industries. She is experienced in statistically modeling the effect of varying levels of risk retention at various confidence levels. She provides expertise to captive insurance companies, preparing loss forecasts and pro-forma financial statements, reserve analyses, and actuarial reviews of captive insurance companies for multiple domiciles. She manages projects, completes peer reviews, and provides actuarial support to SIGMA’s RISK66 web-application. She has extensive experience analyzing data for both traditional and non-traditional property and casualty insurance coverages. Lori resides on a 55-acre farm in Dickson, TN and enjoys going on adventures like camping, hiking, kayaking, and scuba diving with her husband, son, and two daughters.

SRMC also elected Mr. Thomas D. Rosaschi, Esq., CPCU, RPLU, ARM, ARM-E, Senior Consultant at ICA Risk Management Consultants in Mahwah, NJ as President-Elect (after serving two years as the Society’s Secretary); and Mr. George Erickson, Executive Vice President at Siver Insurance Consultants in St. Petersburg, FL as Secretary.

Mr. Peter Murdough of Blades, Crout & Proulx, LLC, in Leadville, CO will continue to serve on the board in the role of Immediate Past President; and Mr. Benjamin C. Few, IV, President at Ben Few & Company in Fort Myers, FL as Treasurer.

The Society of Risk Management Consultants is governed by a board of directors, with each director being elected to a two-year term. SRMC elected four members to the Board of Directors elected this year are Mr. Robert Lynch, CRMP, RF, SCLA(S), ARM, Principal of North Shore Risk Consulting, LLC in Melville, NY; Mr. Esequiel Nathal, ARM, Senior Consultant of Compass Risk Services, LLC in Frisco, TX; Ms. Holly Tuten, Consultant of Durrett & David Risk Management, Inc. in Marietta, GA; and Mr. Robert Whelan, Senior Consultant at ICA Risk Management Consultants in Mahwah, NJ.

Other members continuing to serve on the Board of Directors will be Ms. Jaclyn Davies of Insurance Buyers’ Council, Inc. in Baltimore, MD; Mr. Christopher Moss, CPCU, President of Compass Risk Services, LLC in Frisco, TX; Mr. Mark Di Nola, ARM President of RyeRisk Consulting, LLC in Manchester, NH; and Mr. David Stegall, CPCU, ARM, ARe, RPA, Principal Consultant at Risk Consulting & Expert Services, Birmingham, AL.

The Society recognized Mr. Roy M. Ivins, CPCU, ARM, CIC of RMI Associates, LLC, in Woodbridge, CT for his service as the Immediate Past President for the past year, along with the service of directors whose terms expired this year: Ms. Joy Gänder, Principal Consultant at Gänder Consulting Group, LLC. in Madison, WI; and Mr. Michael McDaniel, Principal Consultant at Fortress Risk Consultants in Cumming, GA.

During the annual meeting, three (3) life memberships were awarded to long-standing members who have had a direct impact to the success of the SRMC over the past years. Those members are Mr. Steven A. Coombs, CPCU, ARM at Risk Resources in Chesterton, IN; Mr. Steven H. Pahl, CPCU, ARM, MBA, CRS at Risk Resources in Carmel, IN, and Mr. Martin Dvorchak, CPCU at CORE Risk Services, Inc. in Oldenburg, IN.

The Society of Risk Management Consultants is an international organization of professionals engaged in independent risk management and insurance consulting. SRMC members serve their clients and the public through research, education, exchange of information, and the promotion of professional and ethical guidelines. SRMC members do not sell insurance and are compensated exclusively by their clients on a fee-for-service basis and are held to rigid standards of education, experience, professionalism, and code of ethics. More information can be found at our website https://www.srmcsociety.org.

Headshot image of Lori Ussery
Lori Ussery, SRMC President
SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group


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