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SRMC Members are...


SRMC Members do not sell insurance, so insurance company sales commissions do not influence their advice.


SRMC Members abide by a strict Code of Ethics assuring their clients' best interests always come first.


SRMC Members ask questions, seek explanations, and analyze risks and exposures, before making recommendations.


SRMC Members strive to do what's best and are thorough, with respect to their work for clients.

SRMC is a value-added organization!

The true beneficiaries of the Society of Risk Management Consultants are the clients of our members as well as the members themselves. Clients of members are assured of receiving independent advice from experienced practitioners. SRMC Members meet and interact with fellow SRMC members on a regular basis and share ideas, information, techniques, knowledge and experience making each member a better consultant for their clients. Membership in SRMC reflects a dedication to the practice of independent risk management and employee benefit consulting and sets members apart from those who sell insurance and otherwise receive compensation from any source but their clients.

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