Past Educational Topics

This listing of past educational topics will give you an idea of the superb educational sessions that are part of all SRMC Conferences. SRMC’s educational sessions are for the advanced practitioner and provide a tremendous value for the attendees. SRMC’s educational sessions help members manage their own consulting practice and provide members with information to help them stay on top of critical risk management and employee benefit issues for their clients.

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Additional Insured
Additional Insured Don Malecki Malecki & Associates 10/2003 Charleston
Additional Insured Update Malecki & Ligeros 4/2000 Tulsa
Agents & Carriers
How to Use a Surplus Lines Broker in a Hard Market Ron Boudreaux Swett & Crawford 3/2003 New Orleans
Aviation Coverage
Aviation Insurance USAIG 10/2002 San Diego
Business Interruption
Business Interruption Disaster Recovery Jim Mahurin 3/2003 New Orleans
Business Interruption Limits Bob Behrens 3/2003 New Orleans
Effect of Post-Loss Economic Factors in Measuring Business Interruption LossesJoseph D. Jean, Esq., Lowenstein Sandler PC/Karen Cusato, CPA,CFE, Cusato Consulting, LLC/Gregory D. Miller, Esq., Podvey, Meanor, P.C. 10/2012 Las Vegas
Effect of Post-Loss Economic Factors in Measuring Business Interruption Losses White PaperJoseph D. Jean, Esq., Lowenstein Sandler PC/Gregory D. Miller, Esq., Podvey, Meanor, P.C. 10/2012 Las Vegas
Business Development/Marketing
Business Development From Public Financed Bond Projects Jim Mahurin 10/2002 San Diego
Managing Brand Identity Michael Kelly 5/2001 Mahwah
Using Your Web Page to Market Your Consulting Services Jim Mahurin 10/2004 Toronto
What Risk Managers and Outside Risk Management Professionals Are Seeking From The Consultant Larry Joseph Grand Union 5/2001 Mahwah
What Risk Managers Want From Risk Management Consultants Larry Joseph Grand Union 5/2001 Mahwah
Barbados As A Captive Domicile Wayne Fields, PWC 10/2005 Barbados
Captive Feasibility Study Jane Rastallis Risk Management Associates 10/2003 Charleston
Captive Formation Stanley Jacobson 4/2002 Nashville
Captive Insurance Company Management Ricardo Knight, Towner Mgmt. 10/2005 Barbados
Captives, Microcaptives and more…Kathryn Marsh, Somers Risk Consulting. 10/2012 Las Vegas
Litigation Management Michael Boutot Crawford & Co. 10/2001 San Antonio
What To Do If Your Claim Is Denied Dick Gund 10/2002 San Diego
Catastrophe Risk Management
Business Continuity Planning Paul Bergee Bergee Business Continuity 10/2003 Charleston
Disaster RecoveryBob Bernens 10/2000 Cancun
AIA A201 Insurance Requirement Clauses Randy DeLopst 10/2005 Barbados
Analysis of Contract Provisions for Risk Management Implications Randy DeLopst Risk Resources 10/2004 Toronto
Analysis of Construction Contracts for Risk Management/Insurance ImplicationsAnn Hickman IRMI 3/2005 Dallas/Ft. Worth
Crime Insurance Mark Garbowski, Esq. – Anderson, Kill & Olick 3/2005 Dallas/Ft. Worth
Directors & Officers Liability
D&O Liability Litigation Catherine Serafin McKenna, Long & Aldridge 10/2003 Charleston
D&O Liability Trends McGriff, Seibels & Williams 4/2000 Tulsa
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance William G. Passannante Anderson, Kill & Olick 10/2004 Toronto
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance David Hebbeler and David Krapf Aon 3/2003 New Orleans
E- Commerce
E-Commerce Kevin Kalinich 10/2002 San Diego
E-Commerce Insurance Update Kevin Kalinich Aon 4/2004 Chicago
Jenkins E Business Dominick J. Davidson 5/2001 Mahwah
Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits Cost Control Techniques Mack Bryson Geoffrey Wood-Salem Health Solutions 4/2004 Chicago
Health Insurance Costs Ron Colby United Health Care 10/2003 Charleston
Health Savings Accounts Peter J. Maillet Aon-Houston, Tx 3/2005 Dallas/Ft. Worth
Prescription Drug & Disease Management Mack Bryson, Yale Moore of BHS Benefit Consultants & Nancy Powell of Currahee Disease Management Services 10/2000 Cancun
Using Computer Models to Analyze Proposed Benefit Level Changes & Managing Insurance Broker Services Michael Hannafin RJF Agencies 10/2004 Toronto
Employment Practices Liability
Employment Practices Tom Ingrassia 10/2002 San Diego
Environmental Issues
Mold & Fungus: Agents/Brokers/Consultants Errors and Omissions David Dybdahl American Risk Management Resources 5/2004 Chicago
Toxic Mold David Dybdahl 4/2002 Nashville
Financial Issues
Integrated Risk Financing Paul Fauty & Lorna Beebe – Zurich 5/2001 Mahwah
Global Risk Management
Beyond the Border International Insurance Adrienne Roll 10/2001 San Antonio
Employee Benefits – Foreign Operations Erwin Janush AON 10/2005 Barbados
Global Insurance and the Mexican Insurance Market Alvaro Salamanca of Chubb de Mexico 10/2000 Cancun
London Insurance Markets Toby Esser, Cooper Gay 10/2005 Barbados
Property & Casualty Issues For Foreign Operations Phillip Gawthorpe, AON 10/2005 Barbados
Legal Issues
Ask The Lawyer Alex Zabrosky 5/2001 Mahwah
Legal Research Catherine Serafin McKenna, Long & Aldridge 10/2003 Charleston
Loss Control
Hospitality Loss Prevention & Sustainability Best Practices Scott Oxman/Oxman Hotel Safety 10/2012 Las Vega
Miscellaneous Topics
Commercial Lines Deregulation Rita Ndwak of Alliance of American 10/2001 San Antonio
Counter-Intuitive Marketing Richard F. Tozer 10/2001 San Antonio
Cutting Edge Medical Technology – A Legal & Risk Perspective Allen Milstein 5/2001 Mahwah
Flood Risk Management Robert Bernens/Core Risk Services (Member of SRMC) / James Maurin/Insurance Audit TN, LLC (Member of SRMC) 10/2012 Las Vegas
How to Conduct Research on the Internet Bill Wilson 4/2002 Nashville
Ins-Cert.Com Bill Hartigan 10/2001 San Antonio
Insurance Randy DeLopst 10/2001 San Antonio
Office Technology For An Insurance Consulting Practice Brenda Sadler 10/2005 Barbados
RIMS Restaurant Industry Survey 10/2012 Las Vegas
Technology Loss Exposures Terry Coughlin 10/2005 Barbados
Work Steps Larry Feeler 10/2001 San Antonio
Ocean Marine
Ocean Marine Insurance Scott Bebe & Allen Saunders St. Paul Travelers 3/2005 Dallas/Ft. Worth
Advanced Topics in Property Insurance Randy DeLopst 4/2004 Chicago
Property Damages Law Scott Miller 10/2001 San Antonio
Property Insurance FM Global 10/2002 San Diego
Risk Management
Enterprise Risk Management Paul Bijou 5/2001 Mahwah
Enterprise Risk Management: Fact or Fantasy? Russell McGuire Risk Labs 10/2004 Toronto
Risk Management and Insurance Issues for Wealthy Individuals David Dixon Dixon Risk Management 10/2004 Toronto
Risk Management in the 21st Century Andrew Berry of Global Risk Exchange 10/2000 Cancun
U.S. & Canadian Risk Management Issues Rory Roberts In Tech Risk Management / Tom Atkins Albert Risk Management / Michael Maxwell Hodgson Russ LLP 10/2004 Toronto
Workers Compensation & Employers Liability
Identifying Jones Act and USLHW Exposures Edwin Laizer and Francis Liantonio Adams & Reese 3/2003 New Orleans
Wrap Up Programs Malecki & Ligeros 10/2002 San Diego