Guide to Professional Designations

ACAS – Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society
ACE – Academy Certified Expert
ACI – Associate in Captive Insurance
AFRMIA – Associate Fellow of the Risk Management Institute of Australasia
AIIC – Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada
AIM – Associate in Management
ALCM – Associate in Loss Control Management
AMIM – Associate in Marine Insurance Management
ARe – Associate in Reinsurance
ARM – Associate in Risk Management
ARM-P – Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities
ARM-E – Associate in Risk Management – ERM
ARP – Associate in Research and Planning
CEBS – Certified Employee Benefits Specialist
CFC – Certified Financial Consultant
ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant
CIC – Certified Insurance Counselor
CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter
CMC – Certified Management Consultant
CPA – Certified Public Accountant
CPCU – Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter

CRA – Certified Risk Analyst
– Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist
CRM – Canadian Risk Management
CRM-E – Canadian Risk Management with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) training
CSP – Certified Safety Professional
DBA – Doctor of Business Administration
Esq – Esquire
FCAS – Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society
FCIP – Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional
FIIC – Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada
FLMI – Fellow, Life Management Institute
FRM – Fellow of Risk Management
JD – Juris Doctor
LL.B – Bachelor of Laws
MAAA – Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
MBA – Masters Business Administration
MPA – Master of Public Administration
P.Eng – Professional Engineer
Ph.D. – Doctorate
PMC – Professional Management Consultant