Fall 2019 Conference Dinner & Events Details

The President’s Dinner will be held in the turn-of-the-previous-century mansion on historic Beacon Hill, where generations of Bostonians and their guests have wined, dined and danced the night away. The five story Georgian revival townhouse was lavished with Italian marble, carved oak paneling, crystal chandeliers and tall Palladian windows. Those windows not only looked out onto the Victorian elegance of the Boston Public Garden, but they also looked into the social world of Boston’s elite, as 84 Beacon Street became one of the most fashionable salons in the city. Gentlemen in top hats and tails and ladies in silk and satin ascended the grand staircase to the heart of the house for gala evenings in the Ballroom and Library.

Hampshire House is situated over the bar in the title scene in the long-running TV series, “Cheers.” The library shown in the link below will be where our dinner will be held.

The spouse/guest outing on Thursday at 10am will be a 2-hour private market tour (with tastings) of the North End (Boston’s little Italy) by renowned tour guide Michele Topor. After the tour, participants may wish visit one or more of the excellent many cafes and restaurants for lunch and refreshment. Download PDF of Tour here.

The Friday afternoon outing will be a tour of the amazing Isabella Stuart Gardner museum, which has something for everyone including being the scene of the single largest private property theft in the world, perpetrated by thieves disguised as police officers. The stolen works are valued at more than half-a-billion dollars, for which there is a $10 million reward for information leading to the recovery of the art.

There are paintings by Titian, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Botticelli and Carpaccio, and thousands of works of art from the 21st century B.C. to today exhibited around Gardner’s “inside-out” Venetian palazzo on the Fenway, where we will walk through numerous rooms, hallways and an amazing indoor garden. The original building and objects d’art were left exactly as the rich New Yorker placed them, as specified in her will. Today empty frames remain hanging in the Museum as a placeholder for the missing works and as symbols of hope awaiting their return.


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In six short weeks we will be kicking off the Fall 2019 Conference with our Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday (10/2) starting at 3 PM, and the conference sessions starting on Thursday, October 3 at 8:30 AM. The conference schedule is now available with conference topics and speakers.

This conference features topics on the #meToo movement, Cyber Security Breach Response, D&O Liability Trends, along with Climate Change Impacts and Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS) RFPs. Following on from the success of the Subcontractor Default Insurance session at the Spring Conference, we will be exploring a deeper dive into this topic.

This year's President's Dinner will be held at the Hampshire House. Built in 1910, Hampshire House is located in the heart of Boston's famous Beacon Hill, and features a five story Georgian revival townhouse lavished with Italian marble, carved oak paneling, crystal chandeliers and tall Palladian windows. We are excited to have share such a grand place for this dinner.