Lifetime Members

The Society of Risk Management Consultants recognizes members who have made a significant contribution to the organization over a period of ten years or longer through the designation of Lifetime Member.

Our Lifetime Members no longer work in the risk management field in a full-time capacity, and here we list those that have officially retired from their practices.

  • Thomas E. Borror - Ohio, USA
  • Sandra K. Coutant, Wisconsin, USA
  • Michael B. Coyle, New York, USA
  • Kevin F. Donoghue, Massachusetts, USA
  • David Foley, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Robert A. Hershbarger, Missouri, USA
  • James B. Hood, Jr., New York, USA
  • J. Hayden Knowlton, Florida, USA
  • Dwight E. Levick, Massachusetts, USA
  • Glenn A. MacCorkle, Washington, USA
  • Bernard J. McGovern, Maryland, USA
  • Melville J. Parsons, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Thomas C. Radziewicz, Massachusetts, USA
  • James A. Robertson, California, USA
  • Beryl Shapley-Parsons, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Jill A. Sherman, Wisconsin, USA
  • Adam P. Sielicki, Massachusetts, USA
  • James P. Strang, Virginia, USA
  • Donald A. Waddell, Oregon, USA
  • William H. Waters, USA
  • Allan P. Waters, Florida, USA