Spring 2017 Host City – Nashville, TN

Nashville is a booming restaurant and entertainment center.  The downtown has undergone a major revival and is being filled with high rise downtown condominiums, restaurants, performance centers, etc.  The city either owns or manages the majority of all hospital beds in the United States.  The health care industry is enormous.  There are 25 colleges and universities in the area.  The education business is very large. 

The new symphony hall is ranked 3rd in the world in terms of acoustic quality.  It is ranked 1st in the world for recording capacity.  The symphony has won a cart load of Grammy awards.  The Country Music Hall of Fame is across the street from Symphony Hall.  They compliment each other. 

The downtown 2nd Avenue entertainment district is booming.  There are scores of clubs, restaurants, open air performance centers along the Cumberland River, etc.  The entertainment district is a short cab ride from the hotel.  The streets are packed with people. 

The Vanderbilt Marriott is adjacent to the Vanderbilt campus.  The Vanderbilt University campus area has a large number of nice restaurants and places of interest. 

Source: Jim Mahurin, Conference Host

Local Attractions